My projects

Angular /Node.js /MySQL
Uppiz organizes trips for people with disabilities. This website lets people sign up as users, place owners or companions to help people organize their trip effectively.
React /Firebase /Google App Engine
Creation of the website and authentication service for HoloMake, an augmented reality startup.
Commercial website
WordPress /Bootstrap /PHP
This website was created for the Junior-Enterprise of which I was president. The goal was to create a simple website, easily maintainable by all collaborators. I created a custom theme, to make the website unique.
Bumple game
Java /Maven /Processing
This game was developed with Java and the Processing library on my personal time. The goal is to make a character jump vertically from obstacle to obstacle, without being caught by the shark.
Bysykkel Bot
Go /Docker /Kubernetes
This is a multilingual Telegram chatbot which tells you if there are bikes or locks near you for the city bicycles. It is deployed on Google Container Engine.
Volunteering app
AngularJS /Bootstrap /jQuery
This is an app implemented in AngularJS and Bootstrap. Only the front-end is implemented for now, and special care was taken for the design.